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There are 265 tutorials with about 40 hours runtime. Tutorials may show earlier versions of SynthEyes, due to the volume of tutorials and time required to create them (~1+ hour per minute). Operation on the current version will generally be very similar, usually with only graphics changes and additional controls. Look for notes on the tutorial's web page to see if a related capability has been developed later.

Latest Tutorials

Read on for ssontech and Boris FX tutorials.

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Get Started!

Here's a listing of tutorials in some semblance of an educational order to get you started..

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Third-Party Tutorials

There are a number of tutorials produced by other people and companies that you may find helpful. These include long-form classroom-style instruction.

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Tutorials on registration, authorization, and auto-update.

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Advanced Topics

These tutorials cover a wide variety of advanced topics that don't fit well in the other categories.

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After Effects

Tutorials that involve After Effects. SynthEyes has worked with AE for a long time, so these involve a wide range of versions.

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All Tutorials

One big gigantic list, over 250 of them, in alphabetic order. See Chronologic Order to see them in historical order.

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Basic Techniques

Contains basic walk-throughs introducing the software.

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Chronologic Order

One big gigantic list, over 200 of them, in reverse chronologic order. See All Tutorials for alphabetic order.

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Coordinate Systems

Covers various techniques for setting up coordinate systems, ie aligning the shot in the 3-D environment.

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D-I-Y Projects

Click here for do-it-yourself projects.

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Tutorials showing exports to various 3-D packages.

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GeoH Tracking Tutorials

Geometric Hierarchy Tracking combines geometry tracking, deformation, and hierarchy, as well as supervised tracking, for awesome tracking capabilities.

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How to Shoot

Discussion and tips on how to shoot material that will be match-moved.

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"White papers" and other informational pieces.

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Lens Distortion

Tutorials for lens distortion, including lens workflows and determining distortion.

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Object Tracking

Tutorials on various kinds of object tracking, including coordinate systems.

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Phases for Solving

Phases can be used to record and systematize multi-step solving strategies, and achieve some unique coordinate system effects.

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Planar Tracking

Planar tracking is a quick and simple way to track large flat areas, for example for monitor burns and billboard replacements.

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Practice Exercises

Here you'll find some shots and discussion to develop your skills.

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Rolling Shutter

Tutorials and other information about the Rolling Shutter problem of contemporary cameras. Includes details of how to precisely measure a camera's amount of rolling shutter.

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Tutorials for stabilizing shots.

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Stereo Shots

Techniques for tracking, solving, and aligning various stereo shots.

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Tutorials about the Synthia user interface, which offers powerful problem-solving capabilities.

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Texture Extraction

How to use the texture extraction subsystem to create a texture for a mesh, or create clean plates or panoramic images.

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Tracking Techniques

Techniques for tracking, especially supervised tracking.

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Tripod Shots

Techniques for working with nodal tripod shots.

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Techniques for identifying problems in footage, tracking, and exports.

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User Interface

Tutorials about different features in the SynthEyes user interface, such as rooms, notes, auto-save, etc.

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Useful Products

We've listed some products you might find useful when shooting footage for match-moving.

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ViewShift/Removal Tutorials

How to use the ViewShift system for object removals, combining split takes, animated texture extractions, and more.

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360° Virtual Reality Tutorials

You can track 360° virtual reality shots in spherical (equirectangular) format using SynthEyes; these tutorials tell you how.

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White Papers

Text-only background information about different topics such as lens distortion and rolling shutter.

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