Stabilization Rig Creator

The rig lets you export a shot's stabilization to 3D animation and compositing packages, so stabilized images can be generated there instead of being written by SynthEyes. The tutorial shows how rigs are created for various cases, including exports to After Effects, Fusion, and Blender in the process. Requires updated scripts!

2018-11-02. 39:03 long.

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Solving Long Shots in Pieces

Shows how to solve long shots---regular or 360VR---by processing them as individual pieces, then combining the results. The tutorial shows an almost 19 minute (33,659 frame) 360VR shot being tracked, solved, and stabilized. Input footage is at and the result at

2017-05-18. 21:00 long.

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Black Rock Sanctuary - Stabilized

This is a 360VR tour of the interpretive trail at Black Rock Sanctuary, Chester County, PA. SynthEyes was used to stabilize the original Ricoh Theta S footage ( using the method described in The virtual-world/real-world lock is fixed throughout the shot, which is the hallmark of advanced SynthEyes stabilization. As a result, the shot is very watchable. See 2:50, 5:55, 8:40, 10:45 also 13:55, 15:45, 17:25 for trickier spots. Of course, to be a good tour we really need a higher-resolution camera! Remaining artifacts in the footage: up and down motion due to walking and remaining unfixed tracking issues, but most significantly due to rolling shutter (jello) in the two CMOS camera sensors. That manifests itself in spots where a portion of the shot moves, while the rest remains stationary. So make that a higher-resolution global shutter camera!

2017-05-18. 18:44 long.

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Black Rock Sanctuary Tour - As Shot (unstable)

This is a 360VR tour of the interpretive trail at Black Rock Sanctuary, Chester County, PA, as shot on a Ricoh Theta S camera (~2K with only accelerometer-based in-camera stabilization). See: 2:50, 5:55, 8:40, 10:45 also 13:55, 15:45, 17:25. This is the raw footage for our Solving Long Shots tutorial ( The resulting stabilized, and much more watchable, version of this video can be found at You can open both in separate tabs, and compare the two.

2017-05-18. 18:44 long.

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Introduction to 360VR Stabilization in SynthEyes

Stabilization is essential for safely viewing 360VR footage from moving cameras. This introductory tutorial shows the stabilization of a 360VR sequence from an ultra-light aircraft (courtesy 360Rize), and the export of that stabilization to After Effects. This demo was presented at the 2017 NAB Show.

2017-04-28. 10:48 long.

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Piece-wise 360VR Stabilization of Long Shots

Shows a simpler form of filtering-based stabilization for long 360VR shots by breaking them into pieces, stabilizing the pieces, then recombining them. (See for the better, more rigid, method.) Shows the resulting stabilization data being exported to AfterEffects, in this case for the use of SkyBox's plugin. A SynthEyes-provided plugin can also be used; data can also be exported to HitFilm.

2017-04-13. 25:23 long.

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Applying 360VR Stabilization in AfterEffects

Shows how you can export the 360VR stabilization that you do in SynthEyes to AfterEffects, so that you can do all your 2D compositing work in AfterEffects, without having to generate stabilized images in SynthEyes. Requires plugin from the Customer-Only portion of the website(1608) or within SynthEyes(after 1608). Disabled for SynthEyes Demo. Footage courtesy of

2016-08-26. 4:56 long.

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Simple 360VR Stabilization

Here we show the simpler version of 360VR stabilization, which doesn't use a full 3D solve of the scene, for shots where an absolute world orientation is not required. Suitable for short shots using Peg mode, or long shots using low-pass-filtering-based stabilization. Footage courtesy

2016-08-24. 12:05 long.

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Saving Stabilization Maps

Demonstrates a way to export normal or 360VR stabilization from SynthEyes to other apps for compositing, so that the actual image manipulation is performed there. This can be done using animated image distortion maps to describe the effect of the stabilization. Here we show it with Blackmagic Design's Fusion. Footage courtesy

2016-08-24. 11:22 long.

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Why SynthEyes Stabilization?

White paper about SynthEyes stabilization vs simple 2-D stabilization.


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Traveling-shot image stabilization

This tutorial demonstrates SynthEyes's stabilization system running in filter mode, which is used for long "traveling" shots. In this case, the source footage is from a Stickypod stuck on the front windshield of a car and then driven down the road.

2007-07-10. 3:18 long.★★

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Image Stabilization

Peg-mode stabilization - camera orbiting target

2007-04-06. 6:32 long.★★

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Track and Stabilize, Export to Bentley Microstation

This tutorial demonstrates a complete workflow, tracking and stabilizing a shot in SynthEyes, saving the images, exporting for Bentley MicroStation, and then in MicroStation, importing the MSA file, configuring MicroStation, and dropping in a small external model. After the model is completed and textures set up in MicroStation, then next step would be to render (record) the animation.

2007-05-07. 7:17 long.

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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