Single- and Few-Tracker Tripod Shots

SynthEyes 1809+ contains special processing to easily and correctly match-move tripod shots where there is only a single valid tracker during part or all of the shot.

2018-09-09. 7:51 long.

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Bad Tripod Solves Require Known Lenses

When a tripod shot doesn't contain enough significant information, it is impossible to determine a field of view from it. When that happens, the solve will produce indeterminate results---both 1806 and 1709, although you may think that 1709's results are good. These video addresses customer concerns that 1806 isn't handling these shots properly, showing what needs to be done in ALL versions---switch to Known lens mode. It shows how the Fuzz First Path control (Tripod Fuzz in 1809+) can be used, and gives some more insight into the solver in general.

2018-08-31. 6:12 long.

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All-Far Tripod-Type Stereoscopic Shots

Stereoscopic shots do not normally require that the camera physically translate, since there are already two camera views. That is only the case, however, if there are many trackable features relatively nearby to the camera rig. If all the trackable features are far away, the same situation arises as with monocular cameras on a tripod: no depth information is available. This tutorial introduces such shots, showing how to track them. The tutorial also briefly reviews several methods of locating problematic trackers in stereoscopic shots.

2009-07-23. 7:18 long.

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Simultaneous Object and Camera Tracking

This tutorial demonstrates how to do object tracking, including simultaneously doing a tripod-mode track on the camera. This is a common scenario for shots of vehicles driving, sailing, or flying past the camera.

2007-07-30. 12:32 long.

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Moving Object Roto'd Autotrack

This tutorial shows an auto track of a shot with a moving object and camera. The camera is a tripod-type nodal motion, while a full 3-D solve is obtained for the moving object, and a coordinate system is set up and an object inserted into the coordinate frame of the moving object.

2010-12-08. 15:13 long.

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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