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“Love your work too! Congrats on becoming an industry standard! Pretty cool!” — JJ Abrams, Bad Robot

“It's the best match mover on the planet.” — George Port, PRP VFX

“SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.” — Matt Merkovich

“The texture extraction in #syntheyes has to be seen to be believed.” — @BeetleCarDriver

“Still cant believe how much better SynthEyes is than other matchmoving software ive worked with! @SynthEyesHQ” — @Matsfilms

“SynthEyes, and I'm tracking 30-40 shots/day at this point, with no OT.” — @jarrod_avalos

“@SynthEyesHQ you got us through about 200 shots pretty quickly on Game of thrones s5, some nasty handheld / fog / snow to deal with!” — @johnoconnell

“I just saw the Geometric Hierarchy Tracking Intro video… WOW.. just WOW!” — Craig Speakman

“When times are tough and the weak fall to the side, SynthEyes never lets you down! #toughtrack #latenight #whiteroom @SynthEyesHQ” — @helloluxx

“Finished this weeks remote #matchmoving early. Thank you @SynthEyesHQ for Such awesome software. 14 cameras all matched nicely 2 one environment” — @tw1sted1981

“SynthEyes, for when you need 3D tracks done on a crushing deadline!” — @mattmerk

“Thank you @SynthEyesHQ for releasing a HUGE update for 360vr Tracking… while I'm doing a +4min 360vr shot. #BaconSaved” — @FosterHouseVFX

“Wow, Awesome work! The native 360 solver is pure gold!” — Jonathan de Blok

“SynthEyes is a fantastic piece of software & a really great price.” — Alex Jefferies

“Thank you for building and maintaining the best stabilization software in the industry!” — Gavin Farrell

“All I can say is wow! It works better than any other I have tried hands down. I just tried it with the auto button and wow…perfect track in seconds!” — Joel Fazzi

“I purchased right away. Already paid for itself. Great product. ” — Max Silverman

“SynthEyes says YES in the end for any difficult shot! SynthEyes Pro is Amazing! ” — @JonathanHoleton

“#SynthEyes saves the day, again.” — @heyscam

“/cuddles SynthEyes forever.” — @toothpasta

“Every time I dig into #SynthEyes it surprises me in a good way. If I hit a wall with something, it's usually because I haven't RTFM” — @MondoGhulam

“Thank you for the continued support, and creation of a world-class product. It's very much appreciated by this little studio in Norway.” — Peter Spence

“I … want to thank you for the "hand animation" tracking feature! This is gonna save so much time!” — Robert Cvengros

“Already SynthEyes is proving to be an amazing tool… Very happy! Your tutorials were a great help and selling point as well.” — Dustin Hitchcock

“You guys did a real awesome job integrating the VR tools and tutorials. Top notch!” — David Russell

“Syntheyes is the best! I love the new lens calibration tools/techniques.” — Jim Arthurs

“Some shots were even on extremely rough seas where the horizon was in and out and the whole boat was moving around so badly that the crew filming it got sea sick. The final result was absolute perfection.” — Patrick Malley

“@anders_at_work Texture extraction in SynthEyes is awesome. It works so well it must be magic.” — @BeetleCarDriver

“Constantly impressed at the results @SynthEyesHQ produces despite the crappy footage I throw at it. #vfx #tracking” — @johnoconnell

“I like the scalability of @autodesk #smoke on mac: it doesnt include all the tools such as 3D tracker but you can add the "SynthEyes module"” — @juleon

“Tricky shot needing tracking? pfft Al'l sort it, jeah! #syntheyes #lackofparallax #noprobs #smash” — @circa23

“Many people mourn the old Flame 3D tracker but I can work better with SynthEyes on the side on a laptop. With clients in attendance.” — @julikt

“@M3L_Digital oh totally. Every scene I've ever worked on in feature films and tv were tracked with SynthEyes.” — @mstarktv

“I use SynthEyes to rebuild digital actors, sets and props, create digital makeup,… I track everything. Everything is tracking.” — Johnathan Banta, Agrapha FX

“The more I learn about SynthEyes the more I like it. #learning #syntheyes #differentwayofthinking” — @natrocks

“@SynthEyesHQ Rocking again with a SynthEyes version 1508, now with Geometric Hierarchy Tracking!” — @magnoborgo

“I just started using Synthia. How cool and pretty helpful for me already!” — Josh Johnson

“I have to say I have been thrilled with the ease of use, and the results I've gotten with SynthEyes. Thanks.” — Michael Goldberg, Center City Film & Video

“@SynthEyesHQ your youtube channel is a fabulous reference for random problems in tracking. Much appreciated for all the videos!” — @johnoconnell

“@SynthEyesHQ Everytime I use Your software I love It more and more! I currently can't get enough of the planar track to assist me with my shots” — @tw1sted1981

“Also, I thinking about getting a license for SynthEyes. Every matchmover I know swears by it; especially the price.” — @mstarktv

“@11thIndian @MotionFX_es You should get amazing #SynthEyes which works great with #Motion5” — @motionVFX

“.@soupkitchen I *only* use SynthEyes and I track 30-40 shots a DAY—no OT” — @ndsinnott

“Thanks Russ! Still the best tracking system I have ever used. It's only getting better! YOU DA MAN!” — Chris Ervin

“SynthEyes is really a brilliant program and so valuable. Just figured I'd take a second to commend you on what you have, and to thank you for making it financially reasonable” — Mark Moritz

“You could just hit GO, but many of the best features in SynthEyes are like buried treasure. They take a little digging to discover.” — @samuelconlogue

“So you can say that Methodstudios Commercials is all done with match-moving by SynthEyes!” — Grant Delahoy, Method Studios

“every time i wish syntheyes could do something, i get to that section in the manual and find it can:)” — @ronviers

“@SynthEyesHQ if I didn't know SynthEyes ' reputation, Synthia would've sound like an April Fool's joke. Great stuff.” — Sander de Regt

“SynthEyes is smoking fast, easy to understand and the support is phenomenal. Thanks Russ!” — Sam Cole, Fuel

“@SynthEyesHQ thanks for all the great program and all the advice down through the years!” — @johnoconnell

“Personally, yes. SynthEyes is much faster to solve and in my opinion, more user friendly and easy to manage multiple cameras.” — @aesterling

“Refreshing my SynthEyes skills today for those tracks that defy AEs Camertracker. This software flys on the Z820. AE=40 sec. SE= 5 sec. WOW!” — @lasvideo

“@JoelOtron syntheyes is a solid fully featured tracker, good value and fast too. It is definitely my tracker of choice.” — @helloluxx

“New update for SynthEyes looks great from just the new tutorials! Can't wait to try some of these features. @SynthEyesHQ #matchmove #awesome” — @tw1sted1981

“Thanks again it's a great product. Unbelievable what I got done today considering what I do not know when the day started. Great documentation too!” — Chris Johnson

“@SynthEyesHQ BTW, I've tested solving in PF and Synth using the exact same 2D points. SynthEyes destroys PF in every category of shot.” — @Mahargmonster

“SynthEyes played an incredibly pivotal role and worked really well for us. Thanks for making such good software… The tutorials were very useful.” — James Cunningham, Digipost

“The Matrix tool in @SynthEyesHQ is fantastic. Nothing better for picking up high frequency perturbations in the camera path. #syntheyes” — @BroadreachMedia

“@Stage32online Of course the tracking is in @SynthEyesHQ. I use it daily. No 3D tracking software is better.” — @mattmerk

“I use it to track a series of panoramic images, and assemble them into a pano with a camera that can be used to project it.” — Johnathan Banta, Agrapha FX

“Sheesh, SynthEyes is so much more intuitive than MatchMover. @atduskgreg do you have experience with it?” — @reedandrader

“@SynthEyesHQ you're saving a lot of posteriors on a new Hbo series. We like your program.” — @johnoconnell

“The list of projects we've used SynthEyes on would be pretty long given it's our main tracking/matchmoving software.” — Grant Delahoy, Method Studios

“SynthEyes camera tracking software released on Linux!! My entire studio can now be free of Windows.” — @verbal007

“@SynthEyesHQ I love the tracker radar! It's useful AND it looks cool.” — @ShadowMakerSdR

“PFHoe users should consider @SynthEyesHQ rather than throw money away on PFMatchit. Waste of time. You cannot do better than SynthEyes.” — @WeAreNIRV

“@fffridge … SynthEyes is really robust and full-featured. Vast array of export options as well” — @huwbowen

“Thanks a ton Russ…totally saved my ass…just got it over to After Affects and it looks brilliant!” — Chris Johnson

“@SynthEyesHQ just used a moving shot to solve a tripod shot for the first time - such a good program.” — @johnoconnell

“SynthEyes has very impressive texture extraction tool. Just pulled out virtually noise free texture. This is going to be very useful.” — @BeetleCarDriver

“@mstarktv @mattmerk Since they have that, I would recommend you do. I have yet to see any negative reviews about SynthEyes.” — @M3L_Digital

“VFX work today, Matchmoving with the amazing @SynthEyesHQ. Accurate and fast is how we like it!” — @BroadreachMedia

“Going very deep with #SynthEyes this week. Continually surprised at how powerful it is.#3dtracking” — @MondoGhulam

“@KurtisVideo Thanks Kurt! I tend to avoid the 3D tracker in AE. I use @SynthEyesHQ and it's 4000% better at matchmoving.” — @SchoolOfMotion

“Well, @syntheyesHQ makes match moving too bloody easy.” — @WeAreNIRV

“@ChrisHanel I really feel like we couldn't have gotten through the volume and difficulty of the project's tracking needs without SynthEyes.” — @RyanWieber

“@SynthEyesHQ #SynthEyes 1508 GeoH is what I'd dreamed of! Ready to upgrade & get familiar with it! ” — @Ne68384077

“I exclusively used SynthEyes while working on Pan's Labyrinth, and the CG Supervisor was rather continually amazed at how I was simply blowing their deadlines clean out of the water.” — Scott Krehbiel

“After 20 minutes of using the demo I was totally blown away and purchased the upgrade. Thanks for your fantastic product!” — Mannes van der Burg

“As ever - so happy with the great and powerful Syntheyes !” — Pat Pickett

“I can't say how much I'm impressed with SynthEyes so far. I have been using Autodesk MatchMover, which contributed to some amazing results but felt like hard work. SynthEyes produces even more amazing results far faster and more precisely, and the whole process feels like eating cake.” — John Moss

“I thought I'd just say well done on a continuously excellent product and the support offered.” — Peter Spence

“I'd just like to add we're very happy with this software and are going to be utilizing it a lot in our productions. ” — Jorgen Herland

“@mattmerk @SynthEyesHQ agreed, it was already pretty great on my last big job, so much digital makeup :-)” — @zeustoves

“@zeustoves The new tools in @SynthEyesHQ are some of my favorite workflow improvements yet!” — @mattmerk

“Getting my tracking game on in @SynthEyesHQ. Export to Houdini is a breeze too.” — @OlafBlomerus


SynthEyes has an amazing feature list encompassing a wide variety of shot types, tracking methods, solving features, exports, etc.

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SynthEyes offers many pricing and licensing options, including seat, cross-platform, educational, and floating licenses, with Intro and Pro versions.

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SynthEyes On Screen

Here are some recent projects using SynthEyes:

  • Stranger Things 2
  • The Space Between Us
  • Dr Strange
  • Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
  • The Purge: Election Year
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Mr Robot
  • Black Sails
  • Into the Badlands

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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