Shooting for Head Tracking

Here are some suggestions if you are shooting a scene where the actor's head must later be 3-D tracked.

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Incident Analysis Part 1

When a car or plane crashes today, it is often observed by surveillance or witness video cameras. Analyzing that video to determine the path of the vehicles can help identify the cause. This two-part tutorial discusses techniques for doing that using SynthEyes, with example footage of an aircraft taxiing. This first section shows the tracking of a nearly stationary camera to remove the effect of camera vibration.

2016-08-31. 25:40 long.

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Incident Analysis Part 2

The second section shows the plane being tracked, the tracks being examined, and the path filtered. Each task shown is an introduction; other tutorials show additional techniques and more detail. Footage is available in the Downloads section (, though unfortunately the 3D model cannot be distributed.

2016-08-31. 25:50 long.

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Tracking a Flat Tablet, eg iPad

See the tutorial that shows the rendered output from this.

2011-10-27. 26:56 long.★★

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Render from Tracking a Flat Tablet

Rendered output from Tracking a Flat Tablet

2011-10-28. 0:08 long.

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Relative Scale of Object Tracks

The tutorial shows a way to set the relative scale when a scene has both a tracked camera and a tracked object --- and you don't have on-set scale information to use to set each scale exactly.

2011-12-07. 4:48 long.

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Moving Object Roto'd Autotrack

This tutorial shows an auto track of a shot with a moving object and camera. The camera is a tripod-type nodal motion, while a full 3-D solve is obtained for the moving object, and a coordinate system is set up and an object inserted into the coordinate frame of the moving object.

2010-12-08. 15:13 long.

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Simultaneous Object and Camera Tracking

This tutorial demonstrates how to do object tracking, including simultaneously doing a tripod-mode track on the camera. This is a common scenario for shots of vehicles driving, sailing, or flying past the camera.

2007-07-30. 12:32 long.

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Mesh Match-moving

This tutorial demonstrates how to match-move a mesh, so that the mesh exactly matches its motion in the shot. Commonly used for head tracking from a single camera, it is applicable for any kind of moving-object shot where you have an existing mesh for the object being tracked. Best of all, this technique works even when the object moves little.

2007-07-30. 9:16 long.

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Smudge Tool for Mesh Refinement

The smudge tool allows you to edit a mesh to better match shot imagery, typically after the mesh has been match-moved to the shot. You can use it to refine the boundary or interior of objects. This tutorial runs through various smudge modes and controls.

2015-11-17. 8:56 long.◆◆

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Inverted Perspective in Object Tracks

Inverted perspective arises when a shot has too little perspective, resulting in two possible solves that are both mathematically correct. This tutorial demonstrates this visually, then shows a shot exhibiting the problem and shows how to select the desired solution. The example shot is a mixed tripod plus object shot.

2012-11-07. 15:35 long.◆◆

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Changing a Camera-Track to an Object-Track

Common "Mr Fix-It"!!! Changing a tracked camera from a camera to an object track.

2012-10-17. 3:11 long.

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Object Tracking with AprilTags in SynthEyes

Shows how you can use the AprilTags tracking capability of SynthEyes for object tracking, illustrated by tracking two tags taped to a hand-held phone. Source and result footage is available on our website in the Downloads | Example Files area.

2021-05-21. 5:37 long.

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Moving Object from AprilTag Corner Trackers

Shows a box with 3 AprilTags being tracked using Corner Tracker mode, combined as a single moving-object track. Bonus: a coordinate system setup along the box's diagonal, resulting in the box becoming the hilt of a sword.

2021-05-26. 10:34 long.

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Object-Tracked Commercial Writeup

Discusses and links to an object-tracking commercial by digipost (New Zealand)


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Apollo Rover Practice Shot

Practice object tracking on real lunar rover footage

2008-03-06. ◆◆◆

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San Francisco Practice Shot

Practice mixed camera and object tracking on one of the oldest pieces of film in existence.

2008-03-08. ◆◆◆

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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