Rolling Shutter White Paper

Discusses the widely-misunderstood science behind the rolling shutter issue, and SynthEyes's approach to address it.

2016-01-08. ◆◆

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Measuring Rolling Shutter - Overview

Shows how to precisely measure the amount of rolling shutter distortion created by a given camera (in a given shooting mode). This is a valuable performance measure of a camera, which is otherwise hard to obtain. This particular tutorial is an overview of rolling shutter and shows the method in operation and some results. This tutorial isn't intended to be particularly software-specific, per se. Other related tutorials show more detailed button-pushing steps, and the (python) setup required to use this method. Note that SynthEyes versions AFTER 1511 are required, or you can download the script and related material from the customer-only area of the website.

2016-01-08. 10:13 long.★★★

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Measuring Rolling Shutter - Detailed

Obsolete: Use SynthEyes to solve the calibration shot, calculating rolling shutter. Shows the preparations to run the Rolling Shutter Analysis script: shooting, initial setup, auto-tracking, and tracker cleanup. This tutorial complements the separate overview tutorial, which talks about rolling shutter issues and shows results, and the python setup tutorial, which is necessary to be able to run the script. Requires SynthEyes versions AFTER 1511, or that you download the script and related materials from the Customer-Only area.

2016-01-08. 15:25 long.

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Rolling Shutter Values

Tabulates values for different cameras, as measured by us and users.

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Rolling Shutter/SyPy

This is a package containing the Rolling Shutter Analysis script, plus the necessary updated version of SyPy. Needed for SynthEyes 1511 only, not available for earlier versions. Requires you to log into the Customer Only area.


Setting up Python for use with SynthEyes

Obsolete: Use SynthEyes to solve the calibration shot, calculating rolling shutter. This is a run-through of how to set up Python to talk to SynthEyes, and vice versa, based on the material in the Configuring Python and SynthEyes section of the SyPy: Python Reference Manual available in versions AFTER SynthEyes 1511, or from the Customer Only area before that. Here's a recap of the folder names on all OSs: Windows: C:\Program Files\Andersson Technologies LLC\SynthEyes\SyPy into C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages; Mac OS X: /Applications/SynthEyes/SyPy into /Library/Python/2.6/site-packages; Linux: /opt/SynthEyes/SyPy into /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages. Note that folder names may need to be modified if you have other versions on your machine, or to install into the python of other applications.

2016-01-08. 8:25 long.

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Rolling Shutter Example

Discusses rolling shutter using an example shot that is tracked, initially without rolling shutter processing, to yield a rather high error. Then, SynthEyes (1209+)'s rolling shutter processing is turned on, dramatically reducing the pixel errors, and in the process showing just how much of an impact rolling shutter has.

2012-10-05. 9:28 long.★

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Rolling Shutter -- Jello Shot

This shows the effect of rolling shutter when the camera is subject to vibration --- here due to shooting hand-held in a helicopter. This is shot with a CMOS HV-20 camera, though it would be the same with any CMOS camera. Footage shot the same way with a CCD camera requires stabilization to be truly watchable, but each individual image is fine and the stabilized result is excellent.

2012-09-05. 0:05 long.

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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