Set Heading etc Phases for Coordinate System Setup

Shows another example of coordinate system setup in SynthEyes (1209+) using phases. Here we use (autoplace,) Set Heading, Slide into Position, and Camera Height to adjust the coordinate system. We match the horizon line as part of this.

2012-10-05. 10:02 long.

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Phase Operations Guide

The tutorial runs through different things you can do in the SynthEyes (1209+) phase editor view: how to create phases, move them around, align them, set the root phase and interpret the resulting display. Also run them, copy/paste, and the phase library to move configurations from scene to scene.

2012-10-05. 9:09 long.★★

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Set Horizon etc Phases for Coordinate System Setup

This tutorial shows the "Set Horizon", "Slide into Position", and "Tracker/Tracker Distance" phases in SynthEyes (1209+) to set up a coordinate system (rotation, translation, and scale). Phases offer a completely different way to set up a coordinate system than the usual tracker constraints.

2012-10-05. 7:28 long.★

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Phases: STRAIGHT dollies with the "Linearize" Phase

If you are certain that a dolly track was perfectly straight during shooting, and want to be cause the camera path to be exactly straight, this tutorial shows how to do it, using the SynthEyes (1209+) "Linearize Path" phase. The tutorial also shows how to use the graph editor to look at the output of each phase in a phase pipeline.

2012-10-05. 13:22 long.◆◆

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Using the Flatten FOV Phase

Shows a phase pipeline for a zoom shot with two crash zoom sections, ie three sections where the zoom is stationary. The phase pipeline exactly flattens the zoom FOV track during the flat section, to eliminate any and all lens jitter.

2012-10-05. 8:33 long.◆◆

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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