Find Bad Trackers by Working in the Dark

How to locate bad trackers by working in the dark!

2007-04-07. 2:00 long.★

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Tracker Cleanup: Jumping and Far Trackers

Tracker cleanup of an example shot of a warehouse: jumping and far trackers.

2007-04-07. 5:04 long.

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Random Tracker Colors Help Find Problems

The tutorial shows using the "Random Tracker Colors" script after an autotrack to help find problems in the generated trackers --- it is a lot easier to see what the trackers are doing if they are all different colors.

2012-01-02. 3:49 long.

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Understanding Sliding

Object misplacement is often the hidden source of sliding in inserted objects. While the tracks must be correct, and users intrinsically understand that, users frequently fail to understand the importance of proper object placement, relative to the trackers. This tutorial tries to correct that. BTW, the sliding demonstration in the initial example was because the pyramid was intentionally located a bit below the field level. Objects *above* the right location are more easily detected, so objects that are too low are a common mistake.

2014-11-13. 14:32 long.

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Enter the "Matrix"

Introduction to the "Matrix" object in SynthEyes (1209+). This is a space-filling grid of small markers that can be used to visually assess the tracking of a shot.

2012-10-05. 4:08 long.

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Diagnosing Export Issues

What to look for if things don't line up after export from SynthEyes to your other applications.

2007-07-12. 6:25 long.★

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Changing a Camera-Track to an Object-Track

Common "Mr Fix-It"!!! Changing a tracked camera from a camera to an object track.

2012-10-17. 3:11 long.

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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