Basic 3-D Planar Tracking

An introduction to 3-D planar tracking, with a 3-D export to After Effects

2013-11-17. 9:51 long.

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Two-pass Lens Distortion Workflow with After Effects Export

Shows the two-pass lens distortion workflow, which allows you to composite 3-D effects over the original footage with distortion. Here, a shot is tracked and 3-D solved, then a planar tracker added before proceeding with the lens workflow and export. Shows the undistorted and redistorted comps within After Effects. Shot credit: Arnie Itzkowitz, Aerial Exposures.

2016-01-16. 14:28 long.

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Exporting a Corner Pin to After Effects

Shows a 3-D planar tracker being exported to After Effects as an animated corner pin. The 2-D export can be used for 2-D planar trackers as well. (Two-D planar trackers can not be exported into 3-D applications.)

2013-11-17. 2:50 long.

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Fusion Corner Pin Export

The tutorial shows 3 planar trackers being exported from SynthEyes to Fusion for a sign replacement-type usage, and runs through some details of the flow in Fusion. The tutorial continues the "Multiple 3-D Planar Trackers" tutorial. SynthEyes 1502+.

2015-01-31. 5:35 long.

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More 3-D Planar Tracking

Shows the use of additional elements of the 3-D planar tracking feature set, including layering two planar trackers, channel selection and maintaining the same camera field of view.

2013-11-17. 12:03 long.

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Using the Reference Circle for 3-D Planar Tracking

To help align 3-D planar trackers with circular features in the 3-D environment, the 3-D planar tracking feature set includes the automatic generation of a circular mask. This tutorial demonstrates that. Footage courtesy of Dan Lanz, Impulse FX

2013-11-17. 4:26 long.

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Multiple 3-D Planar Trackers

When a scene contains multiple 3-D planar trackers, their fields of view must all agree, ie with the actual camera field of view, in order for everything to match up. This tutorial shows how to do this, and shows using the Export Preparation script twice to configure a 1 moving-camera + 2 moving-object planar setup, then shows it exported to Cinema 4D.

2013-11-17. 11:34 long.

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Combining Planar Trackers and Solving

Shows how to add a 3-D planar tracker to a scene tracked and solved with regular trackers, and how to convert a 2- or 3-D planar tracker into multiple regular trackers to supply more information to a regular 3-D solve.

2013-11-18. 11:03 long.

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In-Plane Masking

Shows some of the features of the planar tracker's in-plane masking system, used to control which portion of the rectangular tracker is actually used for tracking.... useful for trackers of different shapes, or to exclude some areas, as shown here. Includes 2-D AE export. Source footage courtesy Hollywood Camera Work, available at trackingplates.html Statue of Liberty footage courtesy of Aerial Exposures,

2013-11-19. 10:48 long.

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Roto-Masking and Search for Planar Tracking

Shows 3-D planar tracking using an animated garbage matte set up in SynthEyes's roto panel. Shows some manipulations of the search rectangle and region size. Footage courtesy of Hollywood Camera Work, available at trackingplates.html

2013-11-20. 13:42 long.

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Trackers Masking Trackers

Uses two planar trackers to track a foreground actress, to serve as moving masks for the primary 3-D planar tracker. Here, the foreground trackers are 2-D planar trackers, giving an introduction to using SynthEyes's 2-D planar tracking modes as well. Footage courtesy of Hollywood Camera Work, available at trackingplates.html

2013-11-21. 10:50 long.◆

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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