Geometric Hierarchy Tracking: Heads Up

Geometric Hierarchy (GeoH) Tracking can combine geometry tracking, mesh deformation, hierarchy, supervised tracking and more as a creative tracking and problem-solving tool. The tutorial works through an example overlaying a GeoH secondary track on a regular object solve. This tutorial is about what can be done, not button-by-button breakdowns: see the other tutorials for that.

2015-08-24. 17:27 long.★★★

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Matthew Merkovich***

SynthEyes tracking guru Matthew Merkovich has a number of great tutorials, including series on soft (GeoH) and head tracking.


Rigging and Tracking a Pizza Box

Shows a 3-level hierarchy being set up for the base, side, and top of a pizza box using SynthEyes's Geometric Hierarchy (GeoH) tracking features, then tracked.

2015-08-24. 25:01 long.

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Introduction to Geometric Hierarchy Tracking

This is a basic introduction to geometric hierarchy tracking, so basic that it skips the hierarchy part altogether. Shows the tracking of a truck.

2015-08-24. 10:28 long.

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More GeoH Tracking Details

Here we show some more features of the GeoH tracker, tracking a can of oats in a 4K QHD shot. Includes some simple re-keying and glitch fixing.

2015-08-24. 15:05 long.

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Deforming features of Geometric Hierarchy Tracking

This tutorial runs through a variety of features associated with deforming meshes in SynthEyes, as part of the Geometric Hierarchy tracking system, which can deform meshes to match the incoming shot. Covers different lasso and paint creation modes, and using an external image editor for setup. Describes constraints on overlap of children, parents, and siblings.

2015-08-24. 24:49 long.

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Hierarchy View

Run-through of the display and mouse actions of the hierarchy view introduced in SynthEyes 1508.

2015-08-24. 10:34 long.★★★

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Tripod then GeoH Tracking

The tutorial shows how to use a preliminary tripod track to essentially stabilize a shot for the benefit of the GeoH tracker, so the GeoH tracker knows better where to look. This is good for bouncy shots and also for "nearly-a-tripod" shots that are between nodal and regular 3-D shots.

2015-08-24. 10:59 long.

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Combining GeoH and regular 3D camera tracking

Shows a geometric hierarchy track within a regular 3D camera track, to track a moving object or maybe add some secondary tracking/animation to something. The key point is to get the object at the right distance/location in the scene, before starting tracking.

2015-08-24. 11:55 long.

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Hybrid Geometric Hierarchy Tracking

In hybrid geometric hierarchy tracking, normal supervised trackers provide the raw tracking needed to power geometric hierarchy tracking, allowing you to produce object tracks, including hierarchical tracks, even for thin objects and very difficult images that aren't suitable for the more regular area-based geometric hierarchy tracking. A note on the track in this tutorial: you do see some jumping as the middle object switches back and forth between alternate solutions---the modeling needs to be more accurate.

2015-08-24. 12:41 long.

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3D Bouncing Ball via Hybrid Geometric Hierarchy Tracking

The tutorial shows the full 3D trajectory of a ball bouncing across a tennis court being created via hybrid Geometric Hierarchy (GeoH) Tracking, with the help of some supervised tracking and single-frame alignment. The point isn't to learn to do *this* particular task, but to see that you can use hybrid GeoH tracking to pull 3D information out of situations where you wouldn't otherwise be able to do so.

2015-08-24. 16:06 long.

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Moving-Object Track with GeoH Secondary Tracking

GeoH tracking can be combined with regular moving object tracking, especially when there's no preexisting model, but some secondary tracking is required, or to be able to work with an unknown or zooming lens field of view. Starting with already-tracked supervised trackers, a moving object track is accomplished, then GeoH tracking added to accommodate the opening of the box. Then two additional levels of GeoH tracking are added to deform the corners of the lid to match up better, using a two-channel gradient.

2015-08-24. 18:38 long.

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GeoH Export to Blender

This tutorial shows a geometric-hierarchy-tracked scene being exported to Blender, in particular pizza-box scene from earlier tutorials. It uses the auto-run capability of the export, and shows the resulting point-cache folder.

2015-08-24. 4:52 long.

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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