ViewShift: Introduction

This tutorial introduces the ViewShift system of SynthEyes, which leverages camera tracking data and 3D models to change the viewpoint of imagery to accomplish object removals, combining split takes, and animated texture map creation. Here we walk through the control panel on an example, removing a car from a shot under control of an animated spline. We also show illumination level compensation for higher-quality inserts. Imagery download:

2019-03-25. 22:21 long.

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ViewShift from a Clean Plate

ViewShift can work from a manually-cleaned plate as the source shot, not only from an entire shot. This tutorial shows some small scripts that accelerate setup when the clean plate is one of the frame in the main shot.

2019-05-10. 8:00 long.

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ViewShift: Control by Meshes

Here we show the use of 3D meshes to determine the region to shift, instead of animated splines. We show a number of problems that come up, and techniques to address them. Imagery download:

2019-03-25. 21:13 long.

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ViewShift: Extracting Animated Textures

This is a quick run-through of using ViewShift to generate an animated texture map. It also shows how to apply it for visualization inside SynthEyes. Imagery download:

2019-03-25. 5:35 long.

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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