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SynthEyes™ is a standalone application optimized for camera, object, geometry, and planar tracking, stabilization, and motion capture, with high performance and a huge feature list at an affordable price. Use SynthEyes for critter insertion, fixing shaky shots, virtual sets, stereoscopic production, 360°VR, architectural previews, accident reconstruction, product placement, face and body capture, ...

SynthEyes has been helping VFX artists since 2003 in more than 80 countries. Whether you're just starting out, or need to step up to serious tracking power, put SynthEyes to work for you today!

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New 1608 Highlights

  • Filmbox imports and exports include entire rigs
  • Animated scene illumination measurement
  • Number Zone in graph editor
  • Sticky settings and window placements
  • New GeoH rig-manipulation scripts
  • Built-in 360VR spherical screen in perspective view
  • Stabilization export as animated distortion maps

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SynthEyes On Screen

Here are some recent projects using SynthEyes:

  • Game of Thrones Season 5
  • Ash vs Evil Dead
  • Tomorrowland
  • Jupiter Ascending
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Captain America: Winter Soldier
  • Falling Skies
  • Dark Horse, Wide Awake by Katy Perry

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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