Basic Automatic Stereoscopic Tracking and Solving

This tutorial shows the basic automatic tracking and solving of a stereo shot, and introduces the Stereo Geometry panel, which controls the relationship beteween the two cameras. Familiarity with general monocular SynthEyes tracking is required.

2009-07-18. 8:19 long.

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Perspective View Locking

Shows the updated perspective view locking controls and preferences, which allow direct control over which camera a given perspective view is locked to. SynthEyes 1608+

2016-08-24. 7:29 long.

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Stereo Tracking with Multiple Camera Views

The tutorial shows how to operate to set up a shot and track it in two camera views at once, including using a dual SimulTrack configuration.

2012-11-29. 11:03 long.★★

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A Minimal Stereo Rig

As an aid to users who may contemplate creating their own stereo rigs, and so that you may better understand the test footage used for the stereo shots, here is a description of our simplest stereo rig.


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Second-Generation Stereo Rig

You should be familiar with the first stereo rig as the discussion of the second will omit details already described there. This second rig is designed to allow the cameras to be approximately aligned during setup, so that less zoom will be required in post-production to correctly align the images from the two cameras.


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Anaglyph Stereo Views

SynthEyes can display anamorphic red/blue (etc) stereoscopic views from the perspective window of both stereoscopic and regular monocular shots. The tutorial shows setup and gives hints.

2009-07-29. 4:00 long.

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How to Align Stereo Cameras Manually

Even if the cameras are mechanically aligned on set, additional alignment will be required in post-production unless you use a very high quality rig. This tutorial shows a simple way to set up SynthEyes to do this manually; not only does it get the job done, but it is rather informative as well.

2009-07-31. 8:08 long.◆◆

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Stereo Alignment with a Sizzle Script

This tutorial shows how to use a SynthEyes script to quickly and accurately align the two halves of a stereo shot. The script automates the process described in the prior manual alignment tutorial, so you should watch that tutorial first.

2009-09-11. 5:00 long.◆◆

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New Stereo Features

Shows a number of features to support stereo tracking in SynthEyes

2010-11-29. 7:35 long.

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Details of Supervised Stereoscopic Tracking

This tutorial shows more behind-the-scenes details of a stereo tracking setup, and how to set up for and perform stereo supervised tracking. Familiarity with usual monocular supervised tracking in SynthEyes is required.

2009-07-20. 7:35 long.

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All-Far Tripod-Type Stereoscopic Shots

Stereoscopic shots do not normally require that the camera physically translate, since there are already two camera views. That is only the case, however, if there are many trackable features relatively nearby to the camera rig. If all the trackable features are far away, the same situation arises as with monocular cameras on a tripod: no depth information is available. This tutorial introduces such shots, showing how to track them. The tutorial also briefly reviews several methods of locating problematic trackers in stereoscopic shots.

2009-07-23. 7:18 long.

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Stereoscopic Object Auto-Tracking

This tutorial shows rigid-body stereo object tracking and solving using SynthEyes's automatic tracking systems, in particular, setting up some animated roto-splines to control what trackers are associated with what objects. More frequently, object tracking shots are handled using supervised tracking, but this example shows how suitable shots can be tracked automatically.

2009-09-11. 12:47 long.

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Motion Capture in Stereoscopic Shots

Since a stereoscopic shot has two cameras, any stereo shot is already a motion capture setup. While a standard moving-object track requires a half-dozen or more trackers on a rigid body, a stereoscopic motion capture setup works with any number of tracker pairs, as few as one, and they can all move independently on a flexible object or separate objects. This tutorial shows a motion-capture setup of a stereo shot.

2009-07-22. 5:51 long.

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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