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SynthEyes 1708

  • 360VR support for After Effects and Fusion (including 9), C4D for After Effects export, Hitfilm export.
  • macOS: Major rewrite for reading and writing .mp4 and .mov files—Apple withdrew older software components.
  • Updates for batch processing and multiple exports.
  • Solver improvements, including for default coordinate system creation.

SynthEyes 1702

  • Huge new lens calibration system and related image preprocessor upgrades.
  • Direct native omnidirectional 360VR solving, including 360VR object solving, tripod shots, etc.
  • Computational Undo option on & for the Lens Workflow script
  • Geometric Hierarchy Tracking improvements, especially for rig import and setup.
  • Around 100 other improvements and bug fixes.

SynthEyes 1608

  • Filmbox imports and exports include entire rigs
  • Animated scene illumination measurement
  • Number Zone in graph editor
  • Sticky settings and window placements
  • New GeoH rig-manipulation scripts
  • Built-in 360VR spherical screen in perspective view
  • Stabilization export as animated distortion maps

SynthEyes 1605

  • 360° Virtual Reality support
  • Advanced bones algorithm for GeoH deformation
  • New Noise Reduction feature in image preprocessor
  • Separated pan/tilt/roll channels with >360° support and individual axis filtering.
  • Pass-through vertex numbering for vertex-cache-based workflows, including mesh replacement with vertex re-matching.
  • Metadata access

SynthEyes 1511

  • New tools and enhancements for GeoH tracking.
  • Now uses RED library 6.0.4, with fast GPU-based decoding.
  • Mesh de-duplication to reduce SNI file size.
  • Enhancements for integrating SynthEyes in studio environments.
  • Around 80+ new features, fixes, and tweaks in all.

SynthEyes 1508

  • Geometric Hierarchy (GeoH) Tracking. Spectacular flexible new toolset for 3D tracking hierarchies of moving parts, tracking meshes directly or using trackers.
  • New Hierarchy view and panel with drag reparenting.
  • New Alembic export, BVH import and export, and updated exporters to support deforming meshes.
  • New mesh pinning mode, edit pivots, lightsaber mesh deletion.

SynthEyes 1502

  • New error curve mini-view.
  • Updated Fusion 3D exporter now exports 3D planars, all meshes, lens distortion via image maps, etc. New Fusion 2D corner pinning exporter.
  • Lens distortion export via color maps, currently for Fusion (Nuke for testing).
  • During offset tracking, a tracker can be (repeatedly) shift-dragged to different reference patterns on any frame, and SynthEyes will automatically adjust the offset channel keying.

SynthEyes 1411

  • Temporary-offset features for supervised tracking.
  • Tracker size, aspect, and search-size can now be animated.
  • Animated per-tracker reference crosshairs.
  • New 40-minute supervised-tracking tutorial (+4 more so far).
  • Synthia (the revolutionary new SynthEyes Instructible Assistant productivity tool) scripts now launchable from menu, keyboard, toolbar.

SynthEyes 1409

  • Cliffhanger mode to prevent tracker auto-shutoff.
  • Non-planar trackers have per-tracker channel select.
  • "Auto only" for tracker cleanup.
  • Preference for default world size.
  • Tweak to OS X QuickTime exporter so that Movie Inspector recognizes SynthEyes-written 23.976 fps clips as such.

SynthEyes 1407

  • Synthia, the amazing new revolutionary new SynthEyes Instructible Assistant productivity tool, with natural language text and voice control.
  • "Notes" for the camera view, for communicating between tracking artists and supervisors.
  • Many auto-save and auto-increment enhancements, including File/Save a Copy and File/Save Next Version.
  • Lidar reader now has a control panel and various additional controls.

SynthEyes 1311

  • 3-D Planar Tracking with huge feature set; new 50-page manual.
  • "Run Now" options for 2- and 3-D After Effects exporters
  • New animated corner-pin exporter for After Effects
  • Texture extraction: best pixel, tilt and distance weighting.
  • Motion blur for Preview Movie.
  • ASF, MP4, and WMV writing on 64-bit Windows platform
  • Python and Extreme Sizzle now available to all Pro users

SynthEyes 1308

  • New After Effects distortion plugins for CS6/CC.
  • Faster camera and perspective drawing with large meshes/lidar.
  • Option for Maya-style 3-D navigation in perspective view.
  • Projection screen to undistort images for perspective view.
  • Nudge tool on coordinate system panel.
  • Gimbal lock reduction in exports for improved downstream motion blur.

SynthEyes 1306

  • Filmbox (FBX) export. Also adds DXF and a second COLLADA export.
  • New "Set Path 1f" phase, allows hand-keying of solved paths, especially as part of splices, also permits some new kinds of coordinate system alignment.
  • Improvements to the Blend phase.

SynthEyes 1305

  • Support for floating licenses
  • New left-over-right option for stereo display in perspective view, for use producing Preview Movies.

SynthEyes 1212

  • Support for multiple simultaneous camera views (complementing camera+perspective configurations).
  • Many stereo workflow improvements, especially for stereo tracking.
  • Edit/Show Selected etc extended to meshes as well as trackers.

SynthEyes 1211

  • New disk cache system (complementing RAM cache), especially for SSD and RAID disk systems.
  • Community Translation Project to permit non-English localization of the SynthEyes user interface.
  • Add Many Trackers now more evenly distributes new trackers.
  • Movie-file reading improvements, including WMF.

SynthEyes 1209

  • New "Matrix" object type for helping assess tracking quality.
  • Allow negative rolling-shutter values, to accommodate mirror-stereo rigs with CMOS cameras.

SynthEyes 1208

  • New phase solving system with 40+ phases and novel new capabilities.
  • New room-based panel/view scheme.
  • Multiple-export setup dialog.
  • Rolling-shutter solving.
  • Corner detector for auto-tracking of man-made scenes.
  • Survey-shot handling: special workflow and solving features.
  • Flexible workspace layout system.

SynthEyes 2011

  • Texture-extraction system creates new low-noise textures and panoramic backdrops.
  • Lens Distortion Grid Analysis and Calibration Tool
  • Auto-place coordinate system.
  • Add-a-card operation from enclosed trackers; automatic outlier elimination
  • Overall Distance constraint for low-perspective object solves
  • Controllable post-solve filtering
  • Tracker radar
  • RED support

SynthEyes 2008+1

  • Specific stereo tracking, solving, and display features.
  • Lens distortion presets.
  • 3D LUTs
  • Free-floating toolbars and scripts

SynthEyes 2008

  • Tracker cleanup wizard.
  • Graph editor.
  • Shots with mixed nodal and normal sections.
  • Hard and soft path and FOV locks.
  • Fine tuning (retracking) of automatic trackers.

SynthEyes 2007½

  • Stabilization system, built into image preprocessor. Stabilizes without compromising image geometry.
  • Single-frame 3-D alignment
  • Add-many feature for additional trackers after a solve.
  • Coalesce engine, great for green screen.

SynthEyes 2007

  • Smarter and more robust auto-tracking.
  • Green-screen keyer for object separation.
  • Light positions from reflections.
  • Advanced multithreading in tracking and solving.

SynthEyes 2006½

  • Zero-weighted trackers with live position calculation.
  • Peg-type tracker constraints.
  • Import tracker paths to rotoscope control points
  • Stored image preprocessor setups.

SynthEyes 2006

  • Perspective window
  • Motion capture solving
  • Mesh-building from tracker locations
  • Image preprocessor
  • Sizzle scripting

SynthEyes 2004.5/.6

  • Nuke, Particle Illusion exporter
  • Prepend frames option
  • PNG file support
  • File/Merge

SynthEyes (2004)

  • Initial commercial release in December 2003.
  • Camera tracking, object tracking, zoom, tripod shots...
  • Used in feature film production while in beta.

SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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