How to plan camera moves for successful camera tracking.

2008-03-14. ★★★

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Drones: Flying and Tracking Tips

While tracking drone footage is generally pretty easy, here are some pitfalls to avoid while flying the drone, as well as tracking the footage.

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Configuring Auto-Update, or Manually Updating

How to set up automatic SynthEyes update, or update manually.

2011-12-08. ★★

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Rolling Shutter White Paper

Discusses the widely-misunderstood science behind the rolling shutter issue, and SynthEyes's approach to address it.

2016-01-08. ◆◆

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A Minimal Stereo Rig

As an aid to users who may contemplate creating their own stereo rigs, and so that you may better understand the test footage used for the stereo shots, here is a description of our simplest stereo rig.


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Second-Generation Stereo Rig

You should be familiar with the first stereo rig as the discussion of the second will omit details already described there. This second rig is designed to allow the cameras to be approximately aligned during setup, so that less zoom will be required in post-production to correctly align the images from the two cameras.


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Why SynthEyes Stabilization?

White paper about SynthEyes stabilization vs simple 2-D stabilization.


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Using a Tablet

In this writeup, we describe the preferences in SynthEyes that can make life easier for tablet users, as well as some technical issues concerning tablets.


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Lens Distortion White Paper

Lens distortion white paper: the actual mathematics of SynthEyes's lens distortion algorithms

2009-07-17. ◆◆◆

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Lens Distortion and Anamorphic Padding White Paper

This "white paper" shows some of the workflow details involved with lens distortion and anamorphic plate handling, where you may need to repeatedly modify initial settings.


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Object-Tracked Commercial Writeup

Discusses and links to an object-tracking commercial by digipost (New Zealand)


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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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