SynthEyes Auto-Update

SynthEyes has an update feature that will fetch new versions automatically, if enabled by the “Check for updates” preference in the System area. SynthEyes needs to be able to reach the internet without being blocked by security software; if it is being blocked by security software, update manually as described below.

Automatic Updates

Auto-update happens in the background after you start SynthEyes. The D/L button at top right will turn yellow while a new version downloads. The button will turn green once the new version is downloaded. If the button turns red, the check was unsuccessful, check your network connection and firewall. If the button doesn't do anything, there's no update.

Click the D/L button to start installing the newly downloaded version. If security software on your machine prevents that from happening, launch it by clicking File/User Data Folder in SynthEyes, then click into the Downloads folder in the Explorer that opens.

Double-click the most recent installer to begin installing.

Manual Updates

Customers who purchased SynthEyes or a renewal from the Boris FX website, or customers with current support, can download from the Boris FX SynthEyes download site. You won't be able to activate versions outside your support interval, even if you are able to download them.

Customers who purchased SynthEyes from SSONTech can download from the download page to get their most recent version.

SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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