SynthEyes Installer Download

Boris FX Customers

Customers who purchased SynthEyes, or a renewal from the Boris FX website, or customers with current support, can download from the Boris FX SynthEyes download site. You won't be able to activate versions outside your support interval, even if you are able to download them.

SSONTech customers

Please read this first! Enter your entire product serial number below, from SN-, S6-, IM-, M6-, L6-, C6-, or FL-... etc all the way to, and including, the final letter. You received it in the order confirmation, or in the permanent authorization email from Andersson Technologies LLC which has "SAVE THIS MAIL" in the subject line. The number shown on the SynthEyes splash screen is incomplete by design. The installer(s) for the latest version of your product will be offered for download. 

Make sure you have your current most recent serial number, not an earlier pre-upgrade one. See the page about serial numbers.

Do not use or include license data, such as "(5AD0239E28745-hexadecimal-mumbo-jumbo-for-200-letters-...)", it won't work.

SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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