About SynthEyes Serials

Serial numbers were issued for orders purchased from ssontech.com. The serial number can be decoded to reveal what kind of license it is, and when it was purchased.

You received your serial number in the order confirmation, or in a permanent authorization email from Andersson Technologies LLC (ssontech.com), with "SAVE THIS MAIL" in the subject line. The number shown on the SynthEyes splash screen is incomplete by design.

SynthEyes serial numbers look something like S6-2309-9999-9999Z. The first portion, S6 here, identifies the particular operating system version for the license. The second portion, 2309 here, identifies the year and month when support expires (or SynthEyes version for older licenses). The third portion is the serial portion, and the remainder is self-check data.

License data, such as (hexadecimal-mumbo-jumbo-for-200-letters-or-so), is not part of your serial number. The serial is listed before the license data in the license email, so you can tell which license corresponds to which serial.

Product Code Portion Breakdown

For SynthEyes 1208 and later:

In earlier versions, the SN-, IM-, and SM- numbers are 32-bit, the S6- and M6- numbers are 64-bit. The SN- and S6- numbers are Windows, the IM- and M6- numbers are Intel-Mac (Universal), and SM- numbers are old PowerPC-only.

Expiration/Version Portion Breakdown

The expiration/version number is the second portion of the serial number, ie the 2102 in M6-2102-... or the 11 in IM-11-...

The expiration portion of current SynthEyes licenses takes the form of YYMM, ie two digits of year, two digits of month. So 2304 serials will activate SynthEyes versions through the end of April 2023, 2101 serials through the end of January 2021, 1306 through the end of June 2013, etc. The license was purchased one year before that, ie a 2304 license was purchased in April 2022.

For older licenses, the second portion indicates the version number, ie:

Note that the release names SynthEyes 2007, 2008, and 2011 are ambiguous and may refer to very old licenses purchased in 2005-2011, or new licenses purchased in July-November 2019 (expiring in 2020). The version portion indicates which is the case, if the timing isn't obvious. For example, a S6-8- license is SynthEyes 2008 (the year) whereas a S6-2008- license is SynthEyes 2008 (year and month).

SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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