Frequently-Asked Questions

Where's the Manual?

The manuals can be found on SynthEyes's Help menu.

On macOS, do not use the Help menu's search box, it is a macOS feature that searches only the macOS help.

General Match-Moving

This section covers general questions about match-moving: what it is, what you can do with it, overall workflow...

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Installation and Licensing

FAQs covering installing and licensing SynthEyes—getting it going to start with.

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SynthEyes Crashed

*ANY* crash is a very bad thing and we are determined to root out every last one. Read on for help now, and so you can help us eliminate further crashes.

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Images and Movies

Topics about reading source imagery and writing files, including preview movies.

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Solving Issues

Read here for information about messages and problems that occur while solving the scene, ie after the Go! button.

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Motion Capture

With motion capture, you use multiple cameras simultaneously to track the full 3-D path of each tracker individually.

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Sending Us a Shot

Important: do NOT send us *images* unless we specifically ask for them. Read the following before sending us a SNI file to look at.

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Messages About File/Save Failing

Turn off auto-save—some network's protocols apparently do not perform the rename of the previous file properly, ie from foo.sni to foo.sni.bac Turn off auto-save in the Save/Export section of the preferences.

Trouble Exporting

Click here for resources if your scene looks good in SynthEyes, but you have trouble exporting to a downstream application, or the match move isn't the same in that application.

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Setting Permissions on a Mac

What to do if you have trouble installing license data on a Mac, and SynthEyes tells you to read this article.

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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