Refund Policy

Like most software products, SynthEyes is sold "AS IS" (license agreement).

SynthEyes produces very high value output even in a single run, saving a huge amount of time or making a project feasible at all. In that regard, it's a little like prom or wedding dresses, where buying, wearing once, and returning must be disallowed. The same concern is applied to purchases of music, movies, software, etc. As a result ...

All sales are final: returns, price changes, or exchanges are not permitted except at our sole discretion in exceptional cases (eg an inadvertent double-order). If you feel an exception is warranted, please contact sales and fully and accurately describe the situation up front. In every case we require the opportunity to remediate the situation, whether that is administratively or technically. Even if a refund is appropriate, we cannot refund the portion already taken by the bank and credit card company.

Please try the free demo version before you buy. It is quite capable, despite the listed limitations. In the majority of cases, when people state that the demo version does not permit adequate pre-sales testing, when you get down to the specifics, it turns out that it is possible to address their concerns using the demo. Unsurprisingly, you don't initially know all that the demo can do, that's what the demo is for! If you have a question, please contact sales. We are not at all sympathetic to refund claims stating you had to buy SynthEyes without trying the demo because of the demo's limitations.

Again, SynthEyes is sold "AS IS". We cannot guarantee that you will be able to solve your particular shot in hand. (We've had people try to make us do their shot for them, or else they expect a refund. Sorry, no!)

Hopefully, you'll purchase SynthEyes, understand that it is a tool, and learn to use it and all the amazing things it can do! Thanks for reading.

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SynthEyes offers many pricing and licensing options, including seat, cross-platform, educational, and floating licenses, with Intro and Pro versions.

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Ordering SynthEyes

Purchase SynthEyes in our online store and be running in minutes. New licenses include the first year of support, including all new versions.

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License Agreement

Here's the full product's license agreement.

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License Types

SynthEyes offers a variety of license types: seat, cross, floating, and educational.

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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