About Ordering SynthEyes

You can purchase SynthEyes licenses from our online store using Visa, Mastercard, Discover-network cards (including Diner's Club, JCB, Union Pay), or AmEx. Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Venmo may also be available. Non-card services must have a credit card attached or already have a sufficient balance.

Prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD) and can change at any time. Your credit card processor will perform any required currency conversion (those rates are usually pretty good), and your bank may charge a foreign transaction fee. Tax is collected for Pennsylvania customers. Sales, use, or value-added taxes in other locations are the responsibility of the customer. (Sorry, we can't produce customized tax documents.)

When you purchase a SynthEyes seat license, you are immediately emailed a serial number, temporary links for downloading the full version, and a temporary authorization so you can get right to work. Check your spam folder if you don't see the email 30 minutes after ordering. (Floating or managed licenses require manual setup process that will typically takes a day or so to complete.) Your new serial will correspond to a version dated a year from now; you'll be downloading the current version, listed at the top of this page.

SynthEyes is approximately a 125 MB download, depending on operating system. If you have an NVidia GPU and wish to accelerate neural-net operations, you can optionally install the GPU overlay at 600-800 MB. You should save a backup version of the installer as part of your normal backup process. All of the tutorials are available directly on the web site.

As you install a SynthEyes seat or cross-platform license, you must complete the SynthEyes registration dialog, and email the resulting data to us. We'll use that information to generate the permanent authorization, and email it back to you. If you don't register immediately, you can get the registration dialog back at any time with the Help/Register menu item. For directions, see the order email or online tutorials.

Specific conditions apply to the installation of a single license on more than one machine, such as on a workstation and laptop; otherwise it is not permitted. These conditions apply even though you may be offered multiple installers, such as Windows and macOS for a cross-platform license, or Intel and ARM for macOS.

Your SynthEyes purchase includes one year of our developer-direct e-mail support, including all new versions of your product ("major" and "minor"; there is no distinction). You can renew your license for additional years of support and access to new builds. The license continues to work indefinitely, though pro-rata renewal pricing means there's no point “version skipping.”

Renewal pricing: All license renewals/changes are effective immediately regardless of the original support end date; renewed licenses extend for one year from the current month. If you renew a license early (or late), pricing is pro-rated lower (or higher) by the month. Therefore, renewal prices displayed by the online store apply only for renewals during the current month.

Like most software products, SynthEyes is sold "AS IS" (license agreement). Please read our refund policy and try the free demo version first.

Card charges will appear as PAYPAL*SYNTHEYES or SynthEyes/ssontech.com on your card statement.

Important Notes:

  1. PayPal.com and Stripe.com: Transactions may be handled on our website, or you may be routed to PayPal.com or Stripe.com, depending on the type of transaction and/or system availability. Depending on the situation, Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and/or PayPal may be available and involved, or not. Payment information is immediately sent for verification and processing using state-of-the-art SSL encryption; it is not kept on any of our servers and often never even passes through them. Both PayPal and Stripe place enormous importance on maintaining security throughout the ordering process.
  2. Use your regular email account. Licensing data and support are associated with the purchasing email address. Free email services, especially hotmail, yahoo, or AOL, tend to mishandle automatically-generated email such as your SynthEyes order and licensing information. Frequently, customers mishandle information on secondary accounts as well. We may subject those accounts to additional security screening.
  3. Don't use a personal email account to purchase SynthEyes for an employer and vice-versa: don't use an employer's email account to purchase SynthEyes for yourself. Either way, it puts the ownership of the license in question.
  4. Ordering SynthEyes constitutes permission to email you about your licenses and occasional developments concerning SynthEyes such as new builds. See our Privacy Policy.

Refund Policy

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Privacy Policy

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License Agreement

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License Types

SynthEyes offers a variety of license types: seat, cross, floating, and educational.

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

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