SynthEyes' low-cost Intro version is an amazing value designed to accommodate students and hobbyists. We can not give you the support you would need, for less. (If you need the additional features of the Pro version, that pretty much says it right there.)

As a student, your purchase of a regular SynthEyes license is a lasting value—since it allows commercial usage, you are able to use it on paid commercial projects while you are still in school, and continue to use it when you get out of school and take on professional assignments. We don't try to lock you in at some low-ball price, then hammer you for a fantastically expensive license right when you're looking for a new apartment, car, TV, etc.

Instead, it's a fair price to start with, with no strings attached, and you can put SynthEyes to work to land a job, handle freelance work, etc. right away. You can graduate to the industrial-strength Pro version.

We do offer very favorable volume educational pricing to schools, for licenses used in classroom instruction and for short-term student licenses for instruction. But it is your school administration, faculty, or staff that needs to contact us about that; please refer them to our educational licensing page, and encourage them to start teaching you SynthEyes! Thanks!

Intro or Pro Version?

Unsure if you should you select the Intro or Pro version? The Intro version is aimed for students and hobbyists and lacks some advanced features.

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Educational Licenses

We have an amazing site license offer for schools: $495 for a one-year site license. Keep reading for details and how to order.

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Volume Student Pricing

We offer schools a volume purchase plan for limited-term licenses to be installed on student-owned computers.

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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