Floating Licenses

We offer the option to purchase floating licenses to enterprises where they make sense, notably where a number of tracking artists must work on a larger pool of machines, where there is an ongoing mixture of operating systems, or to simplify administration with heavy artist turnover.

Floating licenses require that the SyFlo license manager be purchased and installed on an always-on license server. The server can run Windows, macOS, or Linux (optionally, you can use any mix of 3 redundant servers). The server(s) must be a physical machine, not a virtual machine. Client SynthEyes instances can be of any type; a single serial can float transparently over any of the three operating systems. Only one SyFlo is required for a site.

The floating license scheme requires that the license server and clients be on the same low-latency network (or something appearing to be one to UDP packets), ie floating licenses are intended for use within one campus and cannot be shared across or between continents. See the manual below or contact us if you'd like more technical details for the license manager.

Note: SynthEyes running in batch processing mode is still an instance of SynthEyes; it must obtain its own serial while it is running like any other instance.

Depending on the usage scenario, seat licenses may preferable: floating licenses are not automatically a cheaper way to provision a group of users. Per-seat licensing will always provide a higher peak tracking capacity.

See the online store for current pricing.

SyFlo Documentation

Here's the documentation for the SyFlo license manager, including installation directions, for reference. See the version in the SyFlo download for actual installation, in case this version has gotten out of date.

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