Floating Licenses

SynthEyes screen capture
SynthEyes 2204 displaying ProRes™ imagery on Ubuntu 18.04 in an AWS EC2 t3.xlarge cloud instance, viewed from a Windows client using NICE DCV.

We offer the option to purchase floating licenses to enterprises where they make sense, notably where a number of tracking artists must work on a larger pool of machines, where there is an ongoing mixture of operating systems, where cloud workstations are being used, or to simplify administration with heavy artist turnover. Floating licenses can float transparently across Windows, macOS, and Linux. This is a perpetual license; it comes with one year support. (Note the Managed Seat and Managed Temporary variants below as well.)

Floating licenses require that the SyFlo2 license manager be purchased and installed on a single designated always-on license server. The server can run Windows, macOS, or Linux on a physical machine or a virtual machine. When running on a virtual machine or for “managed” license types, SyFlo2 must be able to access ssontech.com; either way, access is strongly recommended to support license management functions.

Customers with existing SyFlo setups and pre-2204 licenses: SynthEyes 2204+ works only with SyFlo2, and SyFlo2 works only with SynthEyes 2204+. You'll need to install them together. There is no charge to upgrade from SyFlo to SyFlo2; you can download it from the Customer-Only area's Latest SynthEyes Installer page—select it in the version drop-down. You'll need to submit new fingerprint information before it will run. You can download SynthEyes 2204 for your in-support licenses; you'll need to upgrade pre-2204 licenses to continue to use them.

Important: Setting up the floating license server requires some IT support knowledge: using command-line interpreters (“shells”) such as Windows's Command Prompt or macOS's Terminal app; configuring and monitoring background services; and adjusting firewall settings. Please read the documentation below.

Floating licenses may not be rotated around the world to different users. SyFlo2 allows a license to be moved to a different timezone only 36 hours or more after the previous change. The network connecting SynthEyes and SyFlo2 should have a reasonably low latency (not satellite links); offices far from one another should have their own local license server.

Floating licenses are not the right license type for computers being taken out on the road. They will need active VPN access to run, and experience has shown that access and VPN setups are often iffy, especially without on-site IT support. A seat license is better for such machines.

See the pricing chart; for license type changes and renewals the online store must be consulted.

SyFlo2 Documentation

Here's the documentation for the SyFlo2 license manager, including installation and operating directions.

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Managed Seat Licenses

Managed seat licenses resemble a regular single-artist seat license on a physical workstation, but can be located on cloud workstations (virtual machines).

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Managed Temporary Licenses

Managed temporary licenses are for “surge” situations, where several tracking artists are hired for a limited period of time, working on physical or virtual workstations.

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