License Types

The wide variety of different SynthEyes usage scenarios has required an increasing number of different licensing options (instead of simply charging everyone a ton). Please read the options carefully to determine what's appropriate for your situation.

Seat Licenses

SynthEyes's traditional seat licensing is for an individual on a single physical machine. There's the possibility of an additional install. Or, for multiple users on a single shared physical machine.

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Cross-Platform Licenses

With the cross-platform, a single user can install one license on Windows and Mac, or Windows and Linux, under specific conditions.

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Floating Licenses

Floating licenses are intended for larger studios where licenses can be shared among a larger pool of artists using a mixture of Windows, macOS, and/or Linux.

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Managed Seat Licenses

Managed seat licenses resemble a regular single-artist seat license on a physical workstation, but can be located on cloud workstations (virtual machines).

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Managed Temporary Licenses

Managed temporary licenses are for “surge” situations, where several tracking artists are hired for a limited period of time, working on physical or virtual workstations.

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SyFlo2 Documentation

Here's the documentation for the SyFlo2 license manager, including installation and operating directions.

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Educational Licenses

We have an amazing site license offer for schools: $495 for a one-year site license. Keep reading for details and how to order.

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Volume Student Pricing

We offer schools a volume purchase plan for limited-term licenses to be installed on student-owned computers.

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Student Licenses

Here's the situation for individual student licenses.

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License Agreement

Here's the full product's license agreement.

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Educational Agreement

Here is the educational version's license agreement.

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Demo Agreement

You can read the demo-version's license agreement.

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Intro or Pro Version?

Unsure if you should you select the Intro or Pro version? The Intro version is aimed for students and hobbyists and lacks some advanced features.

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Privacy Policy

Information on our data policies.


SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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