Normally a SynthEyes seat license covers only a single operating system.* If you would like to run SynthEyes on a Windows desktop and a macOS laptop, for example, you may be able to purchase a "cross-platform" license (labeled "Pro for Windows, OS X, *OR* Linux (non-floating)" on the online store. This is a perpetual license; it comes with one year support.

To be able to install a cross-platform license on more than one operating system, you must satisfy these conditions. The installs can not be used by different people, period. If you do not meet those conditions, you may only install one version, regardless of whether or not they are used simultaneously, and you can not repeatedly install and uninstall to attempt to avoid the limitations—you need two or more regular licenses instead.

If you need multiple operating system installations, you might purchase either multiple seat licenses for the different operating systems required, or you might purchase a floating license.

IMPORTANT: Cross-platform and seat licenses are for physical machines—machines you can sit at!—not for virtual or "cloud" machines. Cloud installations will require floating, managed seat, or managed temporary licenses.

* Software doesn't write itself; most people don't use multiple platforms, so when they do, we think it's only fair for you to pay a bit more for the privilege.

My Laptop Too?

You may be able to install your SynthEyes license on more than one machine, but only if you satisfy these specific conditions:

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Seat Licenses

SynthEyes's traditional seat licensing is for an individual on a single physical machine. There's the possibility of an additional install. Or, for multiple users on a single shared physical machine.

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Floating Licenses

Floating licenses are intended for larger studios where licenses can be shared among a larger pool of artists using a mixture of Windows, macOS, and/or Linux.

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Managed Seat Licenses

Managed seat licenses resemble a regular single-artist seat license on a physical workstation, but can be located on cloud workstations (virtual machines).

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Managed Temporary Licenses

Managed temporary licenses are for “surge” situations, where several tracking artists are hired for a limited period of time, working on physical or virtual workstations.

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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