How to Renew or Upgrade a SynthEyes License

Here are some detailed instructions on how to renew or upgrade your existing SynthEyes license (or change it to a different operating system). Note that the final pricing won't be apparent until later in this process, once you've entered the information required to determine it.

Important: You/your company must be the legal owner of the existing license. Once a license is renewed or upgraded, it is retired: any existing installations must be removed, it can not be used for new installations, it can not be transferred or sold independently, and it cannot be upgraded again.

Ordering SynthEyes

Purchase SynthEyes in our online store and be running in minutes. New licenses include the first year of support, including all new versions.

About ordering

Quick Price Check

Enter your existing serial number below to get a quick price check to renew or upgrade your current license.

Floating Licenses

Floating licenses are intended for larger studios where licenses can be shared among a larger pool of artists using a mixture of Windows, macOS, and/or Linux.

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Cross-Platform Licenses

With the cross-platform, a single user can install one license on Windows and Mac, or Windows and Linux, under specific conditions.

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Reading Serial Numbers

Your serial number describes what operating system it is for, and when it's support expires (including the ability to download and run new builds). Click here to learn how to find and read them.

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Intro or Pro Version?

Unsure if you should you select the Intro or Pro version? The Intro version is aimed for students and hobbyists and lacks some advanced features.

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SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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