360° Virtual Reality

SynthEyes supports an entire workflow for stabilizing 360VR shots and inserting 3D objects into them. See the 12-part 2-hour 360VR tutorial and the follow-on when we added native 360VR solving.

  • Supports standard monocular 360°x180° spherical equirectangular images. (Smaller formats such as 360x120 can be padded to the nominal size.) Read about stereo 360VR.
  • Can use image maps for easy fisheye to 360VR conversion. Generate maps via calibration or from detailed manufacturer data (esp. Entaniya).
  • Workflow for simple VR stabilization.
  • Direct omnidirectional native 360VR solving.
  • Or, convert 360VR shots to linear for tracking.
  • Absolute world stabilization from a 3D solve, so the viewer sees an easy-to-understand consistent relationship between the virtual world and their real world.
  • Many ways to do horizon alignment, for example based on a 3D coordinate setup or a golden frame.
  • 360VR integrated into full 3D scene exports to After Effects, Blender, Fusion, Lightwave, and Modo.
  • Export numeric 360° VR stabilization information to After Effects; use an included SynthEyes effect plugin, or those built into AE CC2018 and later, to stabilize the images within After Effects (ie with no SynthEyes render).
  • Similar 360° VR stabilization exports for Fusion (including free) and Hitfilm. These do not require any extra plugins.
  • 360VR object tracking: independently-moving cars, boats, planes, etc visible in the camera image.
  • Zero-weighted trackers solved directly from 360 VR tracks.
  • Add Many, Tracker Cleanup, Coalesce in 3-D, Drop on Mesh, Error View, Texture Extraction, Tracker Radar all support 360VR.
  • Able to align the VR camera relative the camera path if desired.
  • Generate additional perspective cameras that closely track inserted meshes, for fast and efficient rendering even by conventional non-360° rendering applications.
  • Able to convert those conventional rendered images into 360° VR.
  • Display of meshes correctly over 360VR images in the camera view.
  • Able to generate quick 360VR preview movies from the camera view.
  • Built-in a spherical screen for viewing 360° VR shots in the perspective view, and for export to other applications.
  • Can create a spherical screen for exporting 360° VR shots for viewing in other applications.
  • Export 360° VR stabilization information as image distortion map sequences for use in other applications supporting distortion maps.

SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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