Geometric Hierarchy Tracking

  • Powerful and flexible toolset for tracking hierarchies of moving parts in 3D. For example, kinematic chains such as articulated arms, car doors, or pizza boxes; or secondary tracking such as jaws, eyebrows, and bellies.
  • Directly tracks supplied meshes, or works from normal (supervised) trackers
  • Creates animated deformations of a single mesh, or animated assemblies of individual meshes, or both
  • Multi-level hierarchies, such as hands to forearm to upper arm to shoulder...
  • Tool to automatically generate weight maps for a rig.
  • Tools to split bones and rearrange rigs to make a specified bone the root
  • Can layer on top of conventional moving-object tracks to add secondary animation
  • Integrates with motion capture shots for conversion to joint angles, ie for export to BVH
  • Quick mesh pinning tool for setup and field of view determination
  • Filmbox FBX import and export of animated FbxSkin deforming rigs, including vertex weight maps
  • BVH import for rapid setup from existing rigs in other applications
  • Vertex weight setup with surface lasso, through lasso, paint, airbrush, blur, and checking tools, or imported images
  • Mesh smudge and relax tools for manipulating reference meshes to match a shot for subsequent tracking etc
  • Can write an "unwrapped mesh" image to guide external painting
  • Animated joint locking for editing paths, even changing kinematics during a shot
  • Distance lock for low-perspective shots
  • Self-occlusion and occlusion from other meshes
  • Garbage and alpha masks
  • Error curve mini-view shows tracking figure of merit while tracking
  • Pass-through vertex numbering available to match vertex caches in other applications.
  • Mesh replacement tool preserves vertex weight painting even when changing to a substantially different revised mesh.

SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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