Developing New Exporters

If you'd like to see SynthEyes be able to export to a certain format, let us know! We listen.

If you are willing to help and be an alpha tester, here are the things that are generally required. Note that the size of the market and feasibility must be assessed in our deciding to develop an exporter. 

  1. Some sort of specification document to the format (or it has to be real real obvious)
  2. Some sample files of what the output should look like.
  3. A motivated initial user, who can try out sample output files and then the new exporter as it is developed!
  4. If possible, a free NFR copy or demo version of the target software

I still need 3) even if I have 4), so that an experienced user can tell me the best kind of output to provide. If there is good information and a willing user, usually development will be straight-forward.

Note that the idea is to export a text file from SynthEyes, either in a script language for the destination package, or an actual scene file for the destination package, if the scene files are text files. SynthEyes can export binary files too, but they must be very well documented and are generally harder to develop. 

We do not write special custom C++ plugins that run within the destination software using its APIs. It is not cost-effective.

If you have a far-out package that you wish to export to, and have some knowledge of scripting languages, you can always write your own exporter in SynthEyes's scripting language, Sizzle. 

SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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