Trying SynthEyes

You can download and install SynthEyes from the Boris FX download page. There is no separate “demo version.” SynthEyes will run in demo mode if license data is not installed.

Important: you cannot save files in demo mode.

Any and all commercial use, directly or indirectly, of data produced by the demo version is strictly prohibited, except as noted below.*

The demo version will export the first ten frames of a shot and the final frame. Subsequent intermediate frames will not match, as they use the camera data of the final frame. Demo exports are intended to show what exports look like in the target package, and show that the first few frames are OK. The tracking itself is best evaluated in SynthEyes, which is designed for the task.

To see antialiased, motion-blurred, rendered movies of your own objects inserted into your entire shot, use the Preview Movie feature of SynthEyes's Perspective window. Renders are watermarked but full length. (Keep in mind that to avoid sliding in any shot, objects must be placed precisely in relationship to nearby trackers.)

Although the exports contain valid data only on a limited number of frames, those are the full production exporters. You see exactly how the export appears in your downstream package... it just happens to export some different numbers, those for the last frame, instead of the middle frames.

There are some other limitations in the demo version: incoming imagery is limited to no more than 4K resolution; animated distortion (eg 360VR stabilization) maps can't be fully exported; extracted textures cannot be exported; you can read lidar files only up to 2 million vertices; RectiFit coefficients aren't displayed, and some Sizzle scripting features are unavailable.

*Use of After Effects plugins. As a specific exemption, we permit someone to use the After Effects plugins from SynthEyes commercially for the sole purpose of working with AE files exported by a commercial SynthEyes license owner. You may not distribute the plugins yourself.

SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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