Customer-Only Login

During your one-year support period, you can enter the internal support site to download the latest builds and scripts. You will need your customer care information to log in. That's in the email you received after registering your latest serial (did you?)—the email that contains your permanent authorization information and has the subject line: "SynthEyes Registration (SAVE THIS MAIL)". To download your proper SynthEyes build you will also eventually need your full serial number.


If you have trouble logging in: First, make sure you are using copy and paste to enter the login information; watch out for zero versus oh, one versus el. Second, consider the possibility that your support has expired, see the additional information on this page.

Renewing Support

You should normally renew in the last month of support using the online store, ie if your serial is XY-1503-..., renew in March(03) of 2015. Reminders are sent to the email addresses of record. The online store calculates the price, updated monthly and prorated from your last renewal.


Quick Price Check

Enter your existing serial number below to get a quick price check to renew or upgrade your current license.

Reading Serial Numbers

Your serial number describes what operating system it is for, and when it's support expires (including the ability to download and run new builds). Click here to learn how to find and read them.

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Just Purchased?

If you just purchased SynthEyes, look in the email "SynthEyes License Information" for the temporary download link. The email is sent automatically at purchase, so check your junk/spam folders.

You need to register and receive your permanent license email to enter the customer-only area.

Earlier Customers

If you purchased SynthEyes more than a year ago and need to reinstall that older version, you can email support@ for a temporary download link. Be sure to supply your serial number so we can identify you. The best approach is to renew support: you will get immediate access to the latest version!


SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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