Exporting to 3D Equalizer

That's right, SynthEyes™ can export to Sci-D-Vis's 3D Equalizer™! Why would anyone want to do that? Simple: some large facilities have pipelines built around 3D Equalizer, which has focused on that market, yet those facilities often have artists more familiar with SynthEyes, or overflow tracking work that can be handled by outside tracking artists wielding SynthEyes's deadline-beating high performance tracking. The exporter benefits both facility and outside trackers.

To send a tracked scene, you run the exporter in SynthEyes, which produces a text “.syd” data file, then send that data file to the receiving facility. The exporter has features to adjust filenames between the two locations. The facility runs a python import script we/you supply to read the .syd file and build the scene in 3D Equalizer. They can then run their pipeline automation tools just as if it had been tracked in 3D Equalizer in the first place.

For the latest information, see the 3D Equalizer section in the SynthEyes user manual (preferably the PDF version).

SynthEyes easily is the best camera match mover and object tracker out there.

Matthew Merkovich

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