Miscellaneous Details vs SynthEyes 2011

You can read about the differences between the current SynthEyes and earlier SynthEyes 2011 on the new features list. The list of changes and new features in the current SynthEyes versus the original SynthEyes 1208 can be seen in the customer-only area's recent change list.

Please pass along any problems you see, with exact details including sample .sni files and screen captures. That's especially true for crashes—we have a very low tolerance for them, which is why SynthEyes is very reliable.

Download and Auto-update. Please note that early SynthEyes 1208 versions did not auto-update properly, this was corrected in 1209. If you have any trouble auto-updating, you should update manually.

Forum. We have not converted the forum to customer-only operation yet. When we do, all current logins will be inactivated, and you will have to reactivate it by entering your in-support SynthEyes serial number. We wish we didn't have to do this, but that's what's necessary to be able to best serve you, our customers.


Here are some differences from earlier SynthEyes versions you might need to be aware of:

  • Autosave is on by default! This is a change from previous versions of SynthEyes, to better match current app conventions.
  • OS X Licensing. SynthEyes 1208+ puts license information in the user data area (as originally intended). To permit multiple accounts to use SynthEyes on a single machine, install the license, then copy the registry file from your ~/Library/Application Support/SynthEyes folder to the /Applications/SynthEyes folder.
  • Match Frames. The implementation of the "Match Frames" option is a bit different now, to accommodate very large frame numbers. See the manual for details.