Simultaneous Installation

A single SynthEyes seat license can be installed and used on a second machine only if all of the following conditions hold:

  • You are the actual owner of the SynthEyes license—and each machine on which it is installed, AND
  • You are the only user of those machines, AND
  • They are being used for the benefit of the same business or person.

So, to cover some of the common pitfalls: you can not install a license onto a shared workstation, and then onto your laptop for field trips; you can not install a company-owned "work license" onto your personally-owned desktop or laptop at home; and you can not install a single license as 32-bit for one user and as 64-bit for a different user, or (with the cross-platform option), install it into Windows for one user and into OS X for a different user. Similarly, you can not install a single license onto multiple machines, with the assertion "only one person will be using it at a time" — even if that is true or even electronically enforced. In each case, additional licenses are required.

These limitations apply equally to cross-platform licenses. The cross-platform license can only be installed to a second machine, even if it is running a different operating system, only if the conditions above are satisfied. You can not install a single cross-platform license for multiple users! It is one license, not three.

Floating Licenses

We offer separate floating licenses for larger enterprises where they make sense, notably where a number of tracking artists must work on a much larger pool of machines or to simplify administration with heavy artist turnover.

Depending on the usage scenario, seat licenses may preferable: floating licenses are not automatically a cheaper way to provision a group of occasional users. Seat licensing will always provide a higher peak capacity.